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Hidden Trip - A Bjork's Hidden Place Trip Hop Dub Remix by JC Lemay !
Bjork, mp3, Vesperine, Hidden Place, remix, bjork, trip hop, dub


      Bjork, Vesperine, Hidden Place, remix, bjork, trip hop, dub   Hidden Place - Trip Hop Remix

            (Hi Fi 128 kbps stereo Mp3)


      Bjork, Vesperine, Hidden Place, remix, bjork, trip hop, dub   Hidden Place - Trip Hop Remix

            (Hi Fi 128 kbps stereo Mp3 stream)

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Hidden Place remix is now synchronised with the original Bjork's video !
See it on my Deepsound Website !

Here's what people said about my Pagan Poetry's remix :

"I'm writing for both songs you've remixed.
It's very beautiful the way you remixed
the Vespertine songs.
You've made my life brighter, thank you JC Lemay !!" DL.

"MAN --- this is classic trip-hop wizardry.
I'd kill to work with someone like you.
The arrangement and texture are both very solid.
Great job is an understatement. Peace and much respect." R.

"Just count the red squares. brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!" O.

"Beautiful !! 1 of the best hidden places out there !
Where am I ?" K.

"A hidden place has opened by his clever trip-hop style.
You are an eyewitness. I must say this remix is perfect!
Nice work." T.

"RESPECT. for sure the best remix i heard here." E.

"Words cannot explain." O.

"Probably best remix I've heard so far..." D.

"yep, probably the best remix I heard of this song,
I'd like to succeed in doing a remix with the same quality,
very classy, elegant, bravo !" H.

"Niiiiiiice. Clever. Very clever with beats.
Didnt take bjork away (ALWAYS a plus).
Sweet job man." T.

"This remix is awsome !
It has that something that keeps it moving !" X.

"From the time I pressed play until it was over I was flying.
Keep it up. Give us more." A.

"ON-U Sound Style ! Terrific !!!!" A.

"Thanks for making a remix, not a crap mix. It rocks !" S.

"VERY VERY VERY NICE really..." N.

"Cannot believe how GREAT this mix is ! My pussy is clapping !!" Y.

"Interesting! The volume toggling is most musical,
and the rhythm is sexy and full of attitude.
Even the arrangement (echo efx) is commendable.
All in all, pretty good !" F.

"Very well done....props !" M.

"Your remix is faaaaaaat !" KC.

"Wow !!!" L.

"Wonderful, Mr. Deep ! ;-) Please go on !" T.

"This is perfect, and everything is well balanced !

"I'm a french fan of bjork and this remix is perfect !!" C.

"Gotta say hidden place is rather tasty...
hope you get it licensed !" W.

"I like enough, you have rhythm good work. Excellent." J.

"Excellent! Vraiment très très bon.
Respecte la chanson, lui ajoute du groove... ouah !" L.

Note :
This remix is not an "official" remix.
I just love Bjork's work and Hidden Place song, so I just decided to remix it.
I didn't ask any permission but I'm not selling it.
I just thought that maybe someone at Bjork's staff would appreciate it and contact me... ;-)

Copyright :
Song and Image :
One Little Indian Records
Elektra Records
Björk Overseas Ltd.
Arrangements and remix :
JC Lemay

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Remix of Hidden Place from Bjork's Vespertine album by JC Lemay Bjork, mp3, Vespertine, Hidden Place, Pagan Poetry, remix, bjork, trip hop, dub, trance, techno